The Story

John Bull Gang

John Bull Gang from Emmaboda, Sweden is a Rock’n’roll band with one foot in 50’s rock and the other in Swedish Actionrock. At one gig the promotor said, ”You guys play pure fucking rock’n’roll!”, and the band approved. The gang was formed in 2012 and have since then played hundreds of bars, venues, festivals and so far have done five tours abroad in Europe.

The band released the EP “Shoot!” 2013 and “We Give You” 2014. If Muddy Waters and Iggy Pop had sex their baby would be John Bull Gang. If you don’t believe me, go see them live yourself!

The Band

  • Carl Sjöqvist

    Carl Sjöqvist

    Vocals & Guitar

    Carl the lead singer and guitar slinger is a crazy motherfucker, like Angus Young on stage. He just can't stop rocking when he has his guitar in his hands. He will sing, scream and wail until you all are in trance.

  • Anton Karlsson

    Anton Karlsson

    Upright Bass & Vocals

    Anton plays double bass, he slaps the strings and make the music jive with those sweet walking bass lines. Sometimes he also takes the mic to sing some numbers. He sounds like a mix between Little Richards and Howlin' Wolf.

  • Rickard Sjöqvist

    Rickard Sjöqvist


    Rickard plays guitar and the guitar tone will run you down like a downbound train. He puts at least twelve ton of attitude in every single chord. His stage approach is “don't mess with me, or I'll kick your ass!”, and backstage he is the sweetest boy ever.

  • Henrik "Bille" Rudenborg


    Bille, the bands drummer plays so much on so little drums, that he make metal drummers cry in envy. On stage he puts so much power in every beat that any boxer would shake his knees and start to pee.